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They say it the best

and we love them for it.


"Mike went above and beyond to help me put the finishing touches on the property and worked to get it on the market as quickly as possible. Mike is a great guy, easy to work with, and he knows his stuff!  I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

— Richard W., Home Seller

"I would definitely recommend Mustafa to anyone who is interested in buying a home in the Bay Area market.  He was extremely patient and knowledgable making sure this process was seamless as possible for me as a first time buyer."

— Sarah K., Home Buyer

Zena Elkady

The best advice that can be given is when it comes from a position of experience. Consultation based on textbook knowledge is helpful, but nothing can replace experience.

When it comes to real estate, Zena always speaks from a position of experience.

The daughter of a prominent real estate developer of 30 years in Egypt, Zena and her family immigrated to the United States where she attended and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

After moving to the Bay Area, Zena began her real estate journey when she met Luxe’s own, Moose Tinawi.

“I saved my money working as an executive assistant at Admiral Security and I wanted to take some time off to travel the world. But, Moose advised me of a smarter way to put my money to work.”

The excitement of purchasing her primary residence quickly peaked her interest about the real estate industry. One home led to her first flip and soon her second.

“The knowledge I’ve accumulated as an actual investment practitioner is priceless. I’d love to share this knowledge with everyone and use it to help guide them to their goals.”

With a strong drive, passion, and intense focus to absorb as much knowledge as she can through her own personal life experiences as an investor, coupled with her education in marketing it’s undoubtable that Zena proves to be a strong asset to all of her clients.


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