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They say it the best

and we love them for it.


"Mike went above and beyond to help me put the finishing touches on the property and worked to get it on the market as quickly as possible. Mike is a great guy, easy to work with, and he knows his stuff!  I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

— Richard W., Home Seller

"I would definitely recommend Mustafa to anyone who is interested in buying a home in the Bay Area market.  He was extremely patient and knowledgable making sure this process was seamless as possible for me as a first time buyer."

— Sarah K., Home Buyer

Von Gabriel

Respect, trust, and family. Von Gabriel is a strong believer that trust cannot be obtained without mutual respect and when those ideas are absent the foundation of family becomes unsteady.

Von is a Bay Area native and has seen the environment and communities change over time. He understands the market’s climate and its ability to make drastic shifts. He’s built and established himself here in the Bay Area, continuously growing the trust and respect he has for all the people he encounters.

Driven by the love of his two young children, Von’s pursuit of prosperity comes in the form of happiness. To him, building connections and relationships are essential in life. He’s invested into the long term game and not enticed so much by short term happiness. The connections he shares with the Bay Area, his fiends, and family keep him grounded.

His outlook on life is simple, create meaningful relationships by helping others achieve their goals. Whether you’re a close friend or acquaintance, Von’s main mission is for you to become family.


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