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"Mike went above and beyond to help me put the finishing touches on the property and worked to get it on the market as quickly as possible. Mike is a great guy, easy to work with, and he knows his stuff!  I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

— Richard W., Home Seller

"I would definitely recommend Mustafa to anyone who is interested in buying a home in the Bay Area market.  He was extremely patient and knowledgable making sure this process was seamless as possible for me as a first time buyer."

— Sarah K., Home Buyer

Christine Trujillo

Healthy competition fuels drive and sparks passion. When motivation wakes up inside you, the world becomes an endless playground of opportunities.

For Christine Trujillo, the world is her playground where her motivation runs rampant. A lifelong athlete, Christine is a natural-born competitor. She has competed physically and endured the mental battles of self-discovery. She has found her passion for real estate and is continuously developing to become a robust and helpful resource for those around her.

Growing up in Mariposa, California, Christine watched her parents work in the service of their community. Her mother is a registered nurse in the medical field, and her father is in law enforcement for Mariposa County. Watching them has helped her understand what it means to help those around you.

She combined those ideas with her athletic abilities and started her entrepreneurial venture in personal fitness training. Believing that your wealth lies in your health, Christine sought ways to help motivate others and achieve their goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

Seeking ways to increase her positive impact on people’s lives, she moved into the real estate industry.

With a strong will and competitive drive to help her clients elevate their well-being financially, physically, and mentally, Christine understands that the opportunities that the world has never come knocking. It has legs, and you have to go out and chase it.


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